Major Merchandise

A range of Major Nichols Merchandise is available from MN Marque Enthusiast Alvin Smith.merch

All shirts in sizes from 6 months old to XXL and available in all colours.

Tees are £16, polos at £18, sweatshirts at £22.

(Price increase from August 2016 due to increased postage costs)

Tee shirts with large insignia on centre of chest, polo and sweatshirts with smaller breast insignia.

This year I am offering at £10 each one size fits all US style cap with any MN insignia style.

The insignia is either West Bromwich (WB) or Smethwick (S) with either black or white background fonts, the ordering code being as follows:-

Code Details
A WB white font
B WB black font
C S white font
D S black font

Please indicate the size (S, M, L, XL, XXL), garment colour and insignia code you want and state the number of garments, badges or caps required. Please note that the badges are only black or white.

Please enquire about overseas postage costs.

Contact details: Alvin Smith Castle Cottage, Wigmore, Leominster HR6 9UA Herefordshire.  01568 770327.  alvin.smith (at)

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