Durban Road Bikes 1971-81

MN 8102 Tourer Paul Kohn

MN 7357 22” Record Road Sprint

MN74101 Road Race /Time Trial Custom. Circa 25”

MN 7498 22” Stock Clubman


MN 73282

MN 7311 Custom Road Race/TT 23” Frame

MN 7528 Record Road Sprint

MN 536 7 21.5” Club Tourer Mid Green Pearlescent Original finish 1970’s

MN 72— 23.5” Italia built as a Tourer

MN 8880 RRS Road Path Bike

MN 71136 – A favour for a friend?

MN 7345 Silver Custom Road Race

Robert Grinsell’s MN 71282

MN 536 7 21.5” Club Tourer Mid Green Pearlescent Original finish 1970’s

MN73— Time Trial/Road Race Custom Build

MN 7144 22″ Italia Club Racer

MN 7258 Major Nichols 21” Tourer. Silver grey

Tony Waldron’s MN 8641 Tourer

Nigel Wall’s MN72511 Custom TT


MN 7617 Andrew Spittlefield’s Metallic Orange 21” Clubman


MN 7328 Sean of Moseley Mechanix’s 21″ tourer

Graham Martin’s MN 71109 Time Trial Machine

MN80118 Big Blue Tourer


Garry Barker’s MN 71216 Road Race/Club

MN 7248 21” Gold RRS Mr Gee

MN 810122 / 8815 Light Blue Pearl with Zeus fork crown

Dudley Blue Custom late 1970’s/early 80’s 22” road frame

Orange Nervex Pro road bike

American Beauty from 48 Durban Road


Bill Berry’s MN7818


MN 71484 Custom Tourer

Unknown Green American MN Tourer

MN 7396

MN 7936 RRS

Andrew Eadon’s Gold Custom MN7925


Terry Harradine’s Yellow MN714

MN 71119 Alan’s John Williams

MN81122 Andrews Delight

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