MN 9213


Model unknown.  Club/Road Custom build. Knights Head on S/T, Major was running out of Head Tube Badges by this time.

Prugnat  long spearpoint lugs, V shaped flattened reinforced seatstay bridge, curved chainstay bridge, Cinnelli or Wagner style cast fork crown, Campagnolo lever bosses. Light bracket boss on O/S fork blade, short panel wrapover seat stays and signature double fishtail motif. T/T has top fixed cable guides. Autograph transfer on seatstays. That answers one question on transfer use for me!

A pity there is no head on photo to resolve the fork crown make issue. This is a very nice, slightly different Major Nichols.

MN 9213 11

MN 9213 8

MN 9213 2

MN 9213 9

MN 9213 7

MN 9213 10

MN 9213 3

MN 9213 6

MN 9213 4

MN 9113 5


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