John Jones’s early Major Nichols, Nervex Legere mod. 48 lugs. Frame 10573


Badged and in original finish as a Major Nichols the frame which carries 10583 stamped on the bottom bracket along the same axis as the downtube.  Early features of the frame include the tulip front fork dropouts, the Nervex Legere main frame lugs and the short chamfer top eyes, features suggesting the late 1940’s.

This frame is a particularly important find if it was built by Major. It fits the build quality and component criteria and the aesthetic he developed. It was certainly finished by him, with gold and red lug lining and a seatstay panel decoration which he developed and used from time to time on his work. The number doesn’t fit the usual pattern but we need to look at the punches some time to check. It looks like a 21” frame.


The MNA Major Nichols signature Lightweight Cycles, 5 Reform Street West Bromwich seat and head tube badges are the only examples we know about and are very ‘Deco’ in character suggesting an early design. What the ‘A’ stands for I haven’t a clue. The remaining equipment reflects its change through the years and is of no help in dating with the possible exception of the Williams chain wheel and cranks which should have date marks as they may be original fittings.


seat tube pump pegs, bottom bracket O/S cable wheel bracket and CS cable guide for a Simplex? changer on a braze-on boss on the down tube. Off side fork lamp bracket boss. Straight seatstay and chainstay bridges. Dimpled chainstays. The fork crown is one Major used throughout his career, a Vagner pattern, No. 11+fausse saignee+lozenge fraise.









Does the Williams chain set have date marks please Jack?

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One comment

  1. Paul W. · November 19, 2015

    Shouldn’t there be Nervex numbers on the bottom of the BB shell?


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