MN 8102 Tourer Paul Kohn

This big Tourer reminds me so much of Joe Bunic’s Big Yellow. It was used for the purpose for which it was designed for ten years then refitted and refinished to a slightly different format to give similar, more upright use and a major change of drive to a Rolhoff hub. It will serve a lifetime. It was designed between John and Major and the history is documented for us to see. It has been refinished twice, once in 1990 by Major and then again in 2011 by Ellis Briggs.

I don’t intend to say much as it is almost fully described in the Alvin Smith Bike Spec and Component forms and correspondence. See this separate page with some of the original correspondence between Paul and Major and some pictures from an exciting and challenging life.

All I can add is that the lugs are a Prugnat S4 like pattern, possibly Bocama type 30, a cast flat top crown I don’t know, the seatstay bridge is curved and reinforced and of course the full wrapover seatstay top eyes have the double fishtail motif and she is obviously much loved and in her 36th year!

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