MN 7092 21” Road/TT

A nice small custom road frame from the last year of Major’s production at Reform Street. Possibly an Italia but also in the vein of later 70’s RRS model in terms of its use of the straight chainstay bridge close to the BB and Zeus Competition dropouts. Nicely refined lugs and minimal braze-ons give maximum freedom for the range of equipment available.

The frame

The 531DB Reynolds tubing is built on Prugnat S lugs. It has full wrapover seatstays and a curved reinforced brakestay bridge and a straight chainstay bridge. The braze-ons are limited to stops for both front and rear derailleurs and a BB guide for the latter. The fork blades are a fine late 60s style built onto a Vagner flat top Fork crown with fausse saignee (2 plate effect).

The finish

The refinish is disappointing; there are no wrapover motif details, a single colour without panels at this time is unusual on high quality frames unless multiple bands were used and one colour lug lining would be unthinkable. I would send it straight back to the refinisher myself, not least because I am inclined to think the Gothic script is not the best available copy either.

From the photos the forks may need the steerer straightening too.

Dimensions from the ebay listing:
Seat tube (centre-to-centre): 53cm (21” cr to top)
Top tube (centre-to-centre): 55cmHead tube: 12cm
Rear dropout OLN: 120mm
Takes an English thread bottom bracket
Designed for 700c wheels

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