Latest additions and updates

FinFig30 dur


MN6417 Nervex Pro Club Racer

Martin Gledhill’s Path in Reynolds 531c – January 1986


JULY 2018

Latest on the for sale page – Robin’s Major Nichols Built Wilson Italia 24”

JUNE 2018

Photos from the 2018 MN Memorial Ride

Updated with new photos – MN 65.6.4 Custom Road Chrome and Green Flam

MAY 2018

May Editorial

APRIL 2018

MN 6114 Jeremy Oakley 21” Club Racer

April Editorial

MARCH 2018

MN 8834 Clubman Stock

March Editorial


The ‘Other’ Bikes that Major Built

February Editorial


MN 8102 Tourer Paul Kohn

January Editorial


MN 6821 Nervex Pro Custom Road/ TT. Tim Hough

MN 7357 22” Record Road Sprint

December Editorial


MN 91012 22” Custom Road

MN 7410 Road Race /Time Trial Custom. Circa 25”

November Editorial


MN 7498 22” Stock Clubman

October editorial


MN 73282

MN 7311 Custom Road Race/TT 23” Frame

September Editorial


New on The Gallery MN 7528 Record Road Sprint

August Editorial

JULY 2017

New on The Gallery 1960’s MN Nervex Pro Record Road Race Time Trial

New on The Gallery MN 536 7 21.5″ Club Tourer Mid Green Pearlescent original finish 1970’s

New on The Gallery MN 65.6.4 Custom Road chrome and green flam. Philip Rock

July Editorial

JUNE 2017

New on The Gallery MN 71129 Custom TT

MN 72— 23.5” Italia built as a Tourer

MN 8880 RRS Road Path Bike

June Editorial

Photos from the 12th memorial ride 2017

MAY 2017

New on The Gallery – MN 6145 Nervex Pro Track. Ruby Red Flamboyant.

New on The Gallery – MN8222 Grey RRS as a Tourer/Audax machine.

May Editorial

APRIL 2017

MN 7092 21” Road/TT

MN 71136 – A favour for a friend?

April Editorial

MARCH 2017

New on The Gallery – MN Racer

Alvin’s Marque Riders Newsletter

Updated page – For Sale – Major Nichols art works

New on The Gallery – Major Nichols Metallic Blue Mixte Pre 84

March Editorial


New on The Gallery – MN 7345 Silver Custom Road Race

New on The Gallery – Jeremy Bryant’s MN 6134 Custom Road/TT

February Editorial


MN5726 Nervex Pro Road Race/TT Mark Edwards

New on The Gallery – Robert Grinsell’s MN 71282

January Editorial

New page added – Donate

New on The Gallery – Michael Nelson’s MN5438


Latest Additions and updates from 2016

Latest Additions and Updates from 2015 

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