MN81122 Andrews Delight

MN2.4 (1024x768)

I built a Major Nichols bike up for my wife Emily from a frame set I bought in 2013, I enjoyed the whole process of collecting together all the components and bringing it together to a finished bicycle that she loves. Having done this I got to thinking I would love a Major Nichols of my own and after a little search I was told of a complete bicycle that may be for sale and after viewing it and agreeing to love and cherish it I duly bought it from Allison Harris who is the daughter of the original owner Tim Harris.

Tim told me a tale that I understand was typical of Major Nichols in as much as he did things his own way. Tim had ordered a bike from MN, to be a red 23” frame. When Tim went to collect it the bike was red but the frame was 24”, the major telling Tim it’s what was needed. After a short while Tim had relayed this to Mrs Major Nichols in the shop who insisted MN made a Frame the correct size as ordered, MN duly made Tim a 23” frame but painted it Yellow, Tim still has this yellow Bicycle. (This is how I recall the tale!)

After having the bike for a while and enjoying riding it I decide to refurbish it, I stripped it down and sent it off to Bob Jacksons for painting, keeping its post office red colour but adding a baby blue panel to the seat and head tube.

I decided to rebuild it using Campagnolo components of the era the frame was built. After six months of searching for “new old stock” I had all I needed and rebuilt the bike to what you see today with the original wheels and adding a brooks saddle and bar tape. The bike rides like a dream and attracts attention when out and about, this is not the end though as myself and Emily have done some classic bike rides and intend to do many more.

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