MN 7248 21” Gold RRS Mr Gee

I first saw this cracker on the official TT website. Love at first sight, but missed out to a guy from Coventry. At least she is closer to home.

New president 27.6.12 001

New president 27.6.12 003

She was originally bought from Rotrax in Southampton as present to her husband by Mrs Gee. He had started riding as a ‘vet’ in 1971 and MN 7248 saw action in a lot of 24 hour and numerous shorter events.

Major Nichols - MN7248 b

Major Nichols - MN7248 a

A typical RRS of the era set up as a TT machine with only braze-ons for rear derailleur BB cable guide, cable stop and bottle bosses. Curved reinforced seat stay bridge.

Gold flame finish with red, blue and black lining. Typical wrapover seatstays with double fishtail motifs in back. Prugnat style longpoint pierced window lugs, some filed. I hope the new owner will send some quality photos for us to help with components. Cinelli style sloping fork crown and probably Gipiemme dropouts.

The Chainset is classic Stronglight 49d with a TA chainring and the drop bars and stem are probably Cinelli but the rest of the components are just not clear enough for me to identify.

Clearly a RRS!

New president 27.6.12 005

Yes, I would have been very happy with that….

New president 27.6.12 013

New president 27.6.12 009

New president 27.6.12 011

New president 27.6.12 006

New president 27.6.12 004

New president 27.6.12 010

New president 27.6.12 007

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