Track Frame MN5908


Nervex Pro Lugs and BB, round forks, Ekla ‘D’ pattern cast fork crown drilled for front brake, curved unreinforced drilled brake stay bridge. Not a full wrapover seatstay.

I can’t remember where I got all the photos but this frame was on Ebay and I wondered about it then in Rourke livery. I believe it is now London based and with a LFGSS member who stripped to bare metal. For whoever it is out there, look after it as it is one of the ten earliest still known to exist!

MN 5908 TRACK (3)

MN 5908 TRACK (5)

MN 5908 TRACK (2)

MN 5908 TRACK (4)

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One comment

  1. bloggingbridgewater · July 13, 2017

    Wow – this was mine. I was given the frame from my dads best man in 1985 to race at Aldersley track (w/ton).
    Then in 1988 i had a new Rourke road bike built for me and took this to Rourkes to get it sprayed the same colour.
    kept the bike till about 2001/2002 when we sold it at the Worchester Cycle jumble that Doug Pinckerton and his mom organised.


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