MN 6765 Emily’s Mallard Tribute

Major Nichols (1024x794)

A stunningly beautiful early Reform Street Major owned by Emily Robson, lovingly restored by husband Andrew as an anniversary present after the pair of them had been told of the magic of Major by an old family friend.

An Italia model built for a Mr Scrivener, it has been refinished with a very special mix of Garter blue (the colour used recently by the restorers of Mallard and the other A4 Pacific locomotives which is another family interest) with a final touch of a contrasting champagne with a lustre overspray.

Frame before refinishing


Major nichols 1967 22inch salop Emilys

Major nichols 22inch salop Emilys

Major Nichols 22 inch 1967 salop 4 Emilys


And after…


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