MN 65.3.4. Sold through F. Dyke. Green Smethwick refinish


This one created a fair bit of discomfort in the camp. Was it or wasn’t it an MN? Well the frame number is just about definitive in this case as the frame number is in the record and forming these by chance are unlikely in extreme.

There are two features which concerned us. The fitting in place of a strange chain stay bridge (stand bracket?) and the raw Nervex Pro lugs still with rims he always removed – or so we believed. The finish is not nice either but here are such snaps as we have to record a bad day perhaps. We don’t yet know whether it was in Major’s colours when delivered or Dyke’s as we would suspect from the lack of MN. The respray is post 70 from the Smethwick transfer.

Pity we don’t have full frame snaps but we can see his double fishtail icon on the medium sized wrapover seatstay tops, cable guides and stops on both sides of the D/T together with changer bosses and an indication that there were cable clips on the top of the T/T from the glimpses of clip and original cable. Any ideas on the strange boss on the RH chainstay?

Contact us please.





MN 65.3.4 F. Dyke GREEN

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