Joe Bunik’s Big Yellow

2 front OS

This is a beautifully proportioned 25.5” Touring Frame we found on Flickr. We contacted owner Joe Bunik for permission to use his photos. Thanks very much Joe!

The Reynolds decal tells us she was built in 1982 or later during the relatively short period 531ST was produced. The frame number is an odd one and it is of no help to dating the build. Features include the Zeus fork crown, curved seat and chainstay bridges and four sets of bottle studs! With original paint and transfers. Says Joe:

“I don’t have much info to add to the story, the bike was sold locally on (San Francisco) Craigslist and as you see, was a bit of a mess. I could tell it was a jewel in the rough though! Bohemian former owner had used it for touring the west coast for a few years, but had replaced it with a Surly and was selling off his excess possessions to continue his journey down South America way. He had acquired/salvaged it from one of our nearby beach and college-towns, Santa Cruz California, where it had languished for some extended period of time (the salty air there I presume is what is responsible
for the extreme patina).”

4 Nearside

11 Drive sideGreat proportions for a big frame and 4 Bottle cage provision.

14 Rear TriangleCurved Chainstay Bridge. Another MN trademark feature.

10 Seat Tube

13 Front ForksConfirms built for the US. Nearside light Bracket!

9 Fork Crown ZEUSZeus 2000 cast Fork Crown which Major liked.

3 Post 1982 REYNOLDS STReynolds 531SL  Post 1980 tubing set decal

7 Seat Cluster

6 Seat Cluster with decorationSeat stay panels decorated with trademark double fishtails.

8 rear with curved brake BridgeReinforced curved seatstay bridge drilled for brakes and mudguards as well as cantilever pegs.

12 Rear end

15 BB & Down Tube

17 BB number retouched out

16 Head detailThree colour lug lining another MN trademark. Here light blue, red and gold.

5 rear derailleur


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