MN 6114 Jeremy Oakley 21” Club Racer

The early 1960’s marked the last of the Pencil Stays and my favourite Oscar Egg Superchampion Lugs. It is of course Reynolds 531 DB. This particular style of MN frame emerged in the late 1950s and seems to represent a slightly less desireable level below the Nervex Pro choice of fashion. The frames however rode beautifully and look good too. The lugs were also used by rivals Jack Holland and Stafford’s Henry Burton which you can see on website.

Jeremy’s bike was bought second hand a few years after it was built in May 1961. In later years it was returned to Major for its present refinish and later for a replacement of the forks with the present generic chromed ones. The originals would most likely have had the Vagner No12+lozenge fraise (the strawberry shaped triangles on the top)+ fausse saignee (routed slots on front and rear) as seen on MN 5959 which illustrates the style of the original finish.

The Frame

Reynolds 531 DB on Oscar Egg Superchampion Lugs. Straight chainstay and seatstay bridges, the latter reinforced. The topeyes are neatly faired onto the seat lug and decorated with his early style of decoration.


Rear derailleur guide and stop. Rear brake cable stops on TT at 4 o clock offside. Pump pegs under TT. Mudguard eyes on dropouts.

The Refinish

The refinish is in the later 70’s style in a single colour, mid blue metallic. The head and seat tube transfers are the correct Reform Street Flag and shield ones and the down tube has the white , black edge gothic script name transfers.


Brooks B5N Saddle with punched skirt, Campagnolo Gran Sport rear derailleur and lever, Nicklin chainset, Maes handlebars on GB Spearpoint stem, GB levers and Weinmann centrepull brakes.

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