Late 1960’s MN Custom Road Race/TT

This bike was a visitor to Auguste Handmade in London for a refurbishment in April 2016.


Built with Prugnat lugs (model not yet identified) seen on a number of Major’s bikes from this era through into the early 1970’s, the frame, which is about 24″, is built for road competition use. The forks appear to have a shorter than normal relief, perhaps less than 2″ (5cm). They are elegant and fitted into a flat topped Vagner 12 + fausse’ saignee’, one of Major’s favourites. There is a Reynolds 531 transfer which confirms double butted tubes. There are long panel full wrapover seatstays and their topeyes have the double fishtail motif in white. The curved reinforced seatstay and brake bridges are to carry centrepull brakes, in this case Universal Mod 61s. The chainstay bridge is curved. There are minimal brazeons, just rear derailleur BB cable guide and chainstay stop, typical of the period.

The frame has a particularly nice original finish in a delicious strawberry flam enamel with white head panel and two S/T panels. The lug lining is in black and gold. Interestingly the typical flag and shield 5 Reform Street transfers are different sizes, with smaller on the seat tube. There are standard 1″ gothic script transfers on the D/T and small gothic script transfers on the chainstays, which tends to be confirming a quality build. Both are white with black edge.

Auguste has provided sprints to replace rusted steel wheels. The Universal 61’s have a hanger q/r which is a nice touch. Cinelli bars and stem, band on shifters, guides and pump pegs and a Brooks saddle on a plain alloy pin. Any ideas on mechs and chain set? Alvin thinks one of the later Williams C34s with the optional fluted cranks. We could use some decent photos if the owner is looking in! And if provided with the frame number we could perhaps add a bit of history and add to the legend too.

The photos are taken  from open source but are Auguste’s and as such are given due credit, His business looks worth a visit too. Check out

Thanks Felix for the tip off!





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