MN 69(0?)8 23.5″ Super Corsa

This bike was recently on Ebay.


From the listing: ‘It was re painted in 2005 and has been my winter bike for 11 years and has been most reliable. It is still in good overall condition. It has a Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub and a hub dynamo in the front wheel. The lights are LED based. It has a Blackburn rack. The saddle is a Brookes B17 which is also in good condition. The chain set is Stronglight.’

The frame is built with Nervex Legere 45/159 pattern lugs, I think, which also appear on Steve’s MN 6985. It was built at his Reform Street Shop. The rear seatstay bridge is curved but not reinforced and a straight chainstay bridge would be anticipated. The topeyes are faired onto the seat lug, not a full wrapover. The refinisher has their decoration a little amiss!

The fork crown is different. It is a plain flat top Vagner PL pattern. There are a minimum of brazeons, just gear cable O/S stops and guide. I suspect the bottle bosses are later additions as they appear flush. Major at this period used raised ones. Like Steve’s, there is no gear hanger and both have mudguard eyes on the the dropouts.

With two Super Corsa frames now known it is now fairly safe to say that they were a stock or midrange item based on their components; a decent club bike that could be raced looking at the geometry.

The refinish has been well done and has the element of 6 gold bands on the seat tube as on the first Super Corsa seen on the site, Steve’s MN 6985.

MN6908. 2JPG

MN6908. 1JPG


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