MN 6121 Club Racer

She is one of the last of a group of beautiful club racers that were built for the good amateur riders. Not quite the top of the range Nervex Pro jobs, but were equally good ride wise and were an ounce or two lighter.

They were the last of his frames with what were called pencil stays and were built with Oscar Egg Super Champion lugs. In this case, those modified or imported by Bob Jackson to look like Nervex Pro. The frame was built in 1961 and this unnamed model was around from about 1957. When it was repsrayed after the shop moved to Smethwick, there just may have been added or changed brazeons.

The Frame

The frame is Reynolds 531DB tubing on Oscar Egg Super Champion lugs as described above. The conformation is quite relaxed and will certainly be a comfortable ride for longer distances. The rear pencil seatstays have finely tapered topeyes with his early style of decoration. The chainstay bridge is straight and the seatstay bridge is curved and reinforced. As ever, something different on the frame and in this case very unusual. The brazeons, I suspect, include later additions such as the top tube top cable guides. This also has Campagnolo DT lever bosses and front derailleur guide in addition to the rear guide and stop. There is a lamp boss on the offside fork blade. The rear OS dropout has a gear hanger.

The refinish is a classic Major job for a frame he liked. Bronze with green head and seat tube panels. Gothic white black edge script name on down and seat tubes with the Durban Road flag and shield head and seat tube transfers and a Reynolds tube transfer.

She was well equipped in her prime and that and the frame design suggest a custom build for a serious rider. I like it a lot. There is a considerable patina on the finish, but to ride as is would be my choice with some rust control and touch up. As the finish is so decayed she could be regenerated by a good quality refinish in the original style to shine out in splendour!


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