Ian Thomas’s MN 6961 Ex Anthony (Ant) Taylor

The day I received the details of Ian’s ebay success at the beginning of March 2015 I recognised it as one I had gathered and not got round to. It had been on ebay and was said to have been ridden by Trevor Bull who was a tall professional, far too tall for this frame. On second viewing it was a top of the line job and I decided to check the records and got rather smug at the thought of being able to tell Ian it was on the book for Ant Taylor. There was a lot of correspondence to and fro! Meeting Ant at the 2015 MN Ride, he confirmed it as one of his 1969 all rounder frames and showed us why. Alvin had been able to put Ant in contact with his old friend Alan Richards as well.

So here it is nicely kitted out with new equipment that Major would not find out of place. And retaining the Richards finish.

1 (1)

Ant explained the need to achieve a pedal separation so that he could efficiently use a 56 chainring on a track BB axle and that it was impossible with straight chainstays. The problem was solved by flaring the stays out from the BB with subtlety and only visible when looked at carefully.


This frame and at least 3 frames from 1969 to 1974 share the same unusual and beautifully refined Prugnat horned head lugs I have yet to find and name and the minimal braze-ons of his professional quality frames. The fork crown is a Vagner No. 11+fausse saignee.

forks 1

Full wrapover seatstays with large panels with the abbreviated double fishtail decoration I have seen on some other frames. Campagnolo dropouts, curved reinforced seatstay bridge and curved chainstay bridge. Not a very short wheelbase.

5 (2)




Bottom Bracket with trademark curved chainstay bridge


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One comment

  1. Charles Watson · July 12, 2015

    I remember Tower cycles very well – bought my first pair of racing wheels from them


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