MN 7493 22” Stock Clubman

A late 1970’s frame nicely built in Reynolds 531 plain tubing on Prugnat S lugs which will last forever as an everyday ride.

The chainstays have been pleated on their inner face to ensure the capacity to enable the use of wider rims and tyres. The rear dropouts are plain with mudguard eyes and no gear hanger. The seatstays are topped with plain oval topeyes and are undecorated and are not faired into the seat lug. The seat stay bridge is straight and not reinforced but as there is almost always something different on each of his frames the chainstay bridge appears to have a tiny curve. The forks have a plain crown which is known but not identified. The rear OLD is 126mm and will take a 6 speed freewheel.

The brazeons consist of pump pegs under the top tube and rear brake stops at 4 o’clock, rear derailleur BB guide and chainstay stop. There are mudguard eyes on the dropouts and surprisingly no lamp bracket.

The finish is one of Major’s favoured colours, a chrome yellow plain enamel. The decoration has the Durban Road flag and shield head and seat tube transfers boxed by world championship bands, alas a little crinkled, and the white, black edged Gothic Script down tube name transfers. Perhaps there was some Campagnolo equipment on board as the top tube has their transfer. No lug lining or topeye motif. Finally the Reynolds 531 Plain tube and forks transfer which confirm the general build date as 77 to 82. This particular one is not on the Lloyds list.

The finish is original and in excellent condition.

The listing on Ebay has further, slightly confused and conflicting information and an edited version follows. The dimensions given suggest a 22+” frame and it is certainly bigger than 21” in the listing.

‘Top tube centre to centre 55.5 cm
Seat tube centre of bottom bracket to top of seat tube 56.5 cm
Seat tube centre to centre 55 cm ???
Head tube is 15 cm
Rear dropouts are 126 mm
The bottom bracket has MN and 7493 stamped underneath.’

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