Chris ‘Borneo’ Wright’s Bronze and Flamboyant Green MN 6955

Major Nichols chris borno track

If I had to choose a favourite this would be at the top of the shortlist for its form as a bike and a fabulous Majoresque finish and colour scheme! In this case, a love it or hate it one! What a difference parts can make to the appearance.Chris Borneo (11)

The Frame

The stance of this bike looks so right. The build quality of this frame is good, using the lugs and forkcrown of his Italia model. They are Prugnat long spearpoint lugs and the semi sloping forkcrown rather like the flat top Vagners he favoured but it is still to be identified. Surprisingly for such a fine frame there are mudguard eyes on the Campagnolo dropouts. The only other braze-ons are cable stops for derailleur as would be expected.

There are his trademark wrapover seatstays, curved reinforced seatstay brake bridge and curved chainstay bridge.

Chris Borneo (2)

Chris Borneo (6)


The forks are not the Italia shape and only have a small amount of relief similar to MN6816 and some later bikes which will be posted later.

I think this frame must have been for a good club time triallist.

Chris Borneo (3)



The paint finish is brought into life by the contrasting red and white luglining and double fishtail signature motif on the wrapover seat stay panels. There are two green flam panels on the seat tube frame the Reform Street Badge on bronze and the head panel badge sits on the green flam.


Chris Borneo (5)

Chris Borneo (12)

Chris Borneo (7)

Chris Borneo (8)

Chris Borneo (13)


Chris Borneo (4)


Chris Borneo

Major nichols


One from Chris’s Resto Blog. 


The bike as it was when Chris received it.

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