Martin Gledhill’s Path in Reynolds 531c – January 1986

This was a Christmas surprise to us from Martin in Canada!

A new model to add to the list, a seriously large frame with the first forward sloping top tube I remember recording and an astounding array of transfers to finish to dazzle the opposition. That, in itself, at a period when he was running short of the Smethwick Flags and Shield transfers and was using cut down small shield RRS transfers instead on seat tubes says he must have been pleased with it.

Hopefully Martin will write a bit about its career advertising Major’s wares for us to add to this record!

The Frame

The first recorded Path frame, built in Reynolds 531c Tubing on Prugnat short spearpoint lugs with cut-outs probably from their S series. The BB shell is a pattern he used probably throughout his career. Obviously track ends. A curved seatstay bridge and chainstay bridge. The chainstay topeyes are short for maximum strength and well faired into the allen key seat lug. They feature his alternative signature topeye decoration used throughout his career. She is fitted with a Tange headset. Major liked Japanese engineering.

The Forks

The beautiful sickle shaped round blades are set in a fully sloping Cinelli CC crown. Major preferred round blades and these are stunners. I have never seen transfers on the front of his fork blades before.

The Finish

A single colour finish mid blue metallic by the look of it.

There are head and seat tube flag and shield Durban Road transfers.

The seat tube has black edged white gothic script name transfers on either side and a Reynolds 531c transfer at the top. The top tube has a single white autograph transfer towards the head and on each side there is the model name ‘Path’ in black edged white plain upper case text. This is the only example known todate with a model name in this manner.

The down tube has black edged white gothic script name transfers on either side.

The forks blades have the small black edged white gothic script name Nichols on the leading edge, again a first record, and appropriate Reynolds fork top transfers.

The Receipt

This shows us the cost of a Campagnolo Piste chain set as well as the frame! An undisputable and un-numbered beauty.


Martin on the bike



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