MN 6145 Nervex Pro Track. Ruby Red Flamboyant. Darren Fox

Major built the beginnings of his career with the help of midlands track star, Jake Wheatley’s success. There were a number of well used track venues and a goodly proportion of MN riders used them and they often dominated the numbers.

The Frame

Reynolds 531DB tubes in Nervex Pro Lugs, Always a sign of one of his top quality builds and from what can be seen in this case well filled and thinned lugwork. This frame followed the pattern of similar earlier track frames with round chainstays and spearpoint topeyes looking for strength and rigidity in the build. The chainstay and seatstay bridges are straight. The round sickle shaped forks are set in a nice unknown semi sloping fork crown probably locally cast. Half chrome forks and rear stays suggesting a persuasive or well liked rider as Major did not like chromework.

The Finish

A single colour favourite Ruby Red Flamboyant finish with the Reform Street Flag and Shield transfers on the head and sat tube. The seat tube has two sets of three black edged gold bands framing the Reform Street emblem and the down tube has black edged white gothic script name repeated on the chainstays in a small version. The latter are an early example of their use. Gold lug lining and white outlined spear point topeyes.

A very tasty Major Nichols Track iron.

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